scan05102lx%cf%87Nicole Koutlis was born in 1989 in Athens, Greece.

She is half Greek and half Austrian, and speaks Greek, English and German.

She is an intuitive consultant and a Universal White Time Healer since 2015.

She resonates with the frequency of the energies of Arcturus.

She is currently studying in the School of Humanities of the Hellenic Open University at the European Civilization and Culture Department, has practiced as a Crisis intervention Counselor in legal issues and aspires to become a Cultural Awareness Instructor.

She holds a holistic view of healing and during a session, such as in any energy therapy, in her personal consultations she provides as well a range of advice such as intuitive coaching and dream interpretations, information upon the chakras, stones and crystals, balancing the feminine and masculine energies, the healing of the family relationships, self-love, nutritional tips adjusting the well-being of the body, natal chart analysis if you’re inclined towards astrology, meditation, karmic patterns and lightworkers purpose counseling.