The Board of Knowledge

The Board of Knowledge was created to give the Greatest Love and the Greatest Energy Unit of Oneness. It supports everyone to reach Total Spiritual Enlightenment. It brings greater awareness of what we are moving toward and the Purpose of Everything in Life. It truly is the Highest Spiritual Tool for Enlightenment!

Channie expressed it as follows:
“There is an Ancient Knowledge called The Board of Knowledge. This unique
Knowledge gives an opportunity to open up people, so that they Spiritually can
evolve and grow, in the exact right direction for that individual. The Board of
Knowledge works individually for everyone, because we are all unique and every
person has their individual gift in life. By these Steps of Opening, one can grow
stronger and blossom in the best way. Everyone has their own steps in growing.
This Board of Knowledge is something that is used everywhere in the Universe

among Extraterrestrials, Angels and Light Beings. It can be worked with, over
and over, and every time it helps the individual to grow and expand towards
what is best for them and the direction that would lead them furthest in Spiritual
Total Enlightenment. Even the already Enlightened, like Masters and Archangels,
etc., benefit from continuous use of The Board of Knowledge.”

The Board of Knowledge is one of the oldest and probably the most efficient way, to help everyone and everything that lives, in their spiritual growth. Channie C.C. West brought this information towards Earth, when we as humanity were ready for it.

Channie about The Board of Knowledge:
“The person who works with The Board of Knowledge is the “Giver” and usually
the Opening Steps are given, back and forth, between Higher beings in the
Universe. Usually they do not upgrade themselves, but, instead, they need a
humble Carrier of this Knowledge to open them up. This amazing Knowledge
can also open up animals and nature, as a group, or individually. Even planets
can be opened up to lead them in the right way in their growth.
This Knowledge can never be used in the wrong way and no one ever outgrows
it. So the request of Opening Steps for someone else, other than yourself, is
also appropriate and beneficial for that person who isn’t aware of receiving.
These Openings always lead a person onto the best direction and the highest
path and Spiritual understanding that is unique for just that person.
The Knowledge of The Board of Knowledge is not found in any worldly known
books and does not involve reading. Instead, specific Holy Signs are sent to the
“Receiver” who then harmonizes with the Sign and moves forward on their
Spiritual path, no matter what heights the person, so far, has reached.”
“Every one of the Opening Steps of The Board of Knowledge leads us closer to
Enlightenment and harmony within Holy Bliss. The Board of Knowledge can be
given to anyone, without exception.”

When the Board of Knowledge is given to someone, it seeks that individual’s specific possibilities to be a happy and harmonic person in a spiritually more opened life. It doesn’t matter what kind of spiritual interest the person has that you’re working with. Even if such things exist at all. The person will develop what is best for them. So we should not come with suggestions or telling about certain directions to form their spirituality. Because every person is unique and they have a unique way that they should go in spirituality. The Board of Knowledge can be given to everyone and everything and reaches always everyone and everything. It is important to understand that Board of Knowledge is not healing. Even if it sometimes can be showing itself like a healing in a person with a painful life. The Board of Knowledge leads people right after their own beliefs, possibilities and so on.
It also helps with people who are knowing exactly which way they should go in spirituality. So they will have it easier to walk that path. Within UWTH and other kinds of spiritual work, you usually ask your client, if you can work with them. When it comes to the Board of Knowledge you don’t need this. The Boards are working on levels that we cannot understand. The Board of Knowledge Force goes where it should be and change and adapt itself for that specific person who receives it. If the Board of Knowledge would be send too early for the spiritual change to happen, then the Signs will wait for the perfect moment in that person’s life.

The Board of Knowledge includes 5 Boards and they come from a very very old temple in the Universe. Each Board has 36 Signs, with a frequency of before everything was created. The Signs open us up and guide us forward to our own unique enlightenment. They have the unique quality to never influence someone and lead in an imposed direction.

We all have a depth inside where no other person, guide or angel, can lead us. In this deepest intimacy we are with ourselves, Live and the Divine. No healing or advice from others, can reach us there. In this depth the Signs of the Board of Knowledge do their work. They open us and lead us on our own unique spiritual path towards our own unique enlightenment. 

Working with the Board

The one who is taking the education of the Board of Knowledge is called a Giver. Just because they are giving. The Giver will really give with their heart and soul. The client is called Receiver, because they are receiving. A session is about the Giver giving one or multiple Signs of a Board with 36 Signs on it. All the Signs can be combined with each other and give multiple possibilities. But it is also that Signs lay in between and in the middle on the Boards, not showing it selves. These signs can also be activated by the Giver. This is called the blend of Signs and sometimes it is also possible to do a melting of two specific Signs, to create a third Sign.

In a session the Giver sees the right Signs that should be given to the Receiver. The session can happen as a physical meeting, but it can also be done on distance. Bigger groups can be given Signs also. And in the group they can also get Signs individually.

The Board of Knowledge Signs can be given to everything and that means all forms of animals, trees, oceans, stones, crops, etc. You can also work with your guides, guardian angels, archangels, master and your own god (if you are believer). In the beginning it is that the Giver mostly works with other people. But of course you can work with yourself and your personal spiritual growth. We recommend that the Giver will turn to another Giver for the experience of receiving. From within humbleness and love, we can experience the deep qualities of the Board of Knowledge. It is an honor to connect and work with the Board of Knowledge. It is a gift towards the world and yourself.

Each Board works in specific areas. Board 1 works on the physical and is used for issues regarding the physical body. Board 2 targets mostly on psychological issues and the Board of Knowledge 3 is called a transformer. Board 3 works with Time and Space. It expands awareness towards any direction it is needed and delves deeper into past lives and our future Selves. It gives a bigger understanding of the purpose of life, individually and as a collective beyond the constructs of our perceived reality. It is wise to say at this point that these lives, are actually parallel lives in different timelines on this Earth or/and in other places of the Universe. Because the Boards overlap each other such as every part of our lives, Board 3 takes on and works with the energies of Board 2 and Board 1 and so on. Something that concerns the physical body for example might stem from a past lifetime. The Boards are not considered a healing but can be contemplated as boosts of integration and compared to as packets of enlightenment. They won’t take out the life experience. Whereas before in a situation existed a sense of strife and confusion now exists a more lighthearted sensation and ease to see from a new perspective and thus opportunities, fulfillment, happiness, expansion, growth, meaning, etc. 

Board of Knowledge 1 and 2 furthermore offer techniques for trauma Cleansing and also Cleaning of Rubbish, Black Magic and Implants which can be named in general Spiritual Dirt. All Boards offer Protection that can be done equally for groups, places, houses, plants, animals and objects in general. 

The Board of Knowledge 3 also provides Spiritual Upgrades and Openings, e.g. opening of the Higher Chakras. They are done with or can include forms of guided meditations that connect with Time for a deeper connection to  the now and connect with Space for a more expanded understanding.

The Board of Knowledge 4 has a very beautiful, sweet and kind energy. It’s also although, very deep, very practical and very powerful for holistic practices in our process of healing. It focuses on Divinity and integration of those parts in ourselves: our Divine essence, that which encapsulates all our levels of consciousness, that “spark” that makes us feel wholesome beyond the need and desire of external factors or agents in our everyday life. Divinity can mean for you God, Christ, Christ Consciousness, Total Enlightenment, Consciousness, the Good, the Holy, the Source, the Void, Divine blueprint, Divine Intelligence, Greater Spirit, or even All That Is. There are many names to put it and still not enough words to explain that understanding in all of us. So, Board of Knowledge 4 works mainly with bringing closer or bridging us to who we truly are and to our divinity. In another way we could say ourselves as a multi-reality being. It touches our body and mind, the way we think, talk and act, our soul (our psychological and spiritual experiences) and even further our incorruptible and eternal spirit. Our soul is also pure and also indestructible but its eternity can be measured in its purpose as an existing object and idea. Some name this occurrence Higher Self. Board of Knowledge 4 can give furthermore, for example Channeling work (a technique we, the Givers, are taught as Holy Thoughts and Words) which is even for individuals preparing for channeling themselves (wanting to do it in an out of negative influences, genuine way). It offers also more such as Initiations and Upgrades. They can be very cleansing and balancing, or guide us to see new knowledge. In a way, it plants seeds or even helps the “fertilizing” circumstances of a seed already planted to blossom sooner (for what ever that may even mean for somebody). There are more meditations and therapeutic procedures e.g. for Spirituality, Happiness, Protective Energies of Holy Light, Opening Thoughts and Creativity, being successful and strong, etc.

With all the Boards comes also the technique of programmed or charged healing water that happens together with the Boards and good intentions. It is water which can be around the themes of Divinity, Positive Destiny, Hopefulness, Forgiveness, Wisdom, Love, Purification, and be personalized even further, tailor-made for certain issues and needs. It can be made even for land, plants, animals and personal objects, pretty much anything that includes you and your interests (it can be also for a family member). Board 3 water works wonderful for addictions, even habits which we consider bad and want to change even in the midst of feeling unable or not enough considerable to do so.

All Boards also work with wishes (which the Giver doesn’t even need to know, so you don’t need to tell me anything at all) i.e. getting a new job, a certain plan or a long-range project, or also transforming something negative into something positive.

The Board of Knowledge and all its five Boards together explain absolutely Everything, Everyone and All that exists today, has existed before or will exist in the future. So, of course, we could use more words to explain things and go much, much deeper, but why overdo it. Board 5 is the Ultimate and Holy Board, even though it is that you can use it and its Signs for many things. It is maybe not the first thing you think of, to use a Holy Board, but Board 5 can be given or sent for all forms of physical, psychological and emotional problems, but even for general life-situations.
Board 5 is a very, very advanced Board. It’s the Holy Board. Board 5 is the ultimate of precisely Everything that exists. It is the Ultimate Board, that relates to Everything, All and Everyone that exists on all levels, all planes of existence, and in all worlds. Board 5 relates to all existences and everything that exists, both physically and non-physically, psychologically and emotionally etc.
Board 5 has no boundaries, it sees and understands all and everything, from life to death, prior to incarnation and after ascension and everything in between. It knows all the whys and is the key to Everything. Only Board 5 can gather together all of the Boards and create a unit of absolutely Everything, both things that exist or have existed and also the things that never were created, but still were intended for this Reality. Board 5 always grows and expands its domains, in its space in The Second Reality. It expands itself both at its outer border, but also in its inner space.

When we consider the energy of the Board 5 being Holy, this sense is regarded as one of Purity, Unity and Completeness. It brings us closer to the present moment and closer to our purpose. In a way, it deals with the more abstract building blocks of logic, emotion, intuition, awareness, knowledge, understanding, wisdom and choices.

The True Wisdom of the Board of Knowledge comes from the Second Reality and is used with Love, Grace and Integrity.