Galactic Heritage Cards Readings


More than often people enjoy personal consultations throughout arranged Galactic Heritage Cards Reading sessions. This tarot-based card deck is like no other and its information and advice corresponds to the level of depth that the client is seeking upon his question. Although there’s no such need of dependence upon specific knowledge, ancient, or spiritual-nature texts, or of any extraterrestrial themes, these intuitive readings respond to a multitude of dimensions within one’s way of life no matter the poise on the Universal and Galactic (human being as well) perspective they seem to hold.

Just be sure that your questions and intentions are set and clear when you call the shots.

Galactic Heritage Cards Readings are provided as:

1. Personal Questions Spread (2 cards)

This is the only spread in which positions matter. Therefore it happened also through my experience to apply it in more than one way:


This spread given by Lyssa Royal Holt is meant to be a quick reading to help you view a situation from a fluid perspective rather than a static one. The position of card one represents the situation as it is now. It gives a deeper meaning to the settings of the situation that is being experienced and asked upon. The position of card two represents how the situation is changing. It is important to understand that under circumstances, we are usually able to recognize one side of the subject at hand. That’s why it is wise to keep in mind that circumstances don’t matter. In this way, we take every moment as a blessing and we accept every situation as a part of the journey. We are always aware that there is little knowledge that can be by first hand attained by our reactions to something new and when we let go of the first impressions of the experience we had (usually ego based), we navigate ourselves deeper, where we comprehend the cause of why a situation happened the way it did. Then, besides reacting, we learn how to respond for a better quality of life. The second card is an uncharted territory of the mind, something that on the rise of things is unexpected, challenging or undesired, and therefore sometimes hidden from us and hardly seen by us. Sometimes we are in desperate need to reconcile with that part and other times we are just seeking to validate the hints of our gut instinct and intuition in order to approve actions (or to stop actions) of ours as we grow in life.



This spread was added here because many clients wanted readings that are meant to represent the relationship dynamic between two people and the importance of their connection in life. It’s very interesting (because there is also a Karmic Challenges Spread) how two lives and two personalities collide and come together in unique ways to establish individual and collective growth. Many clients choose this spread because they are interested to see how a personal lesson of theirs is applied through their relating with another person as in a mirror reflection. The position of card one is usually of the client’s and the position of card two is that of the partner’s, desired person or in general loved one. The position of card one is stated usually for the client but it is actually left open to the client’s devices. This was a choice given while there was a big percentage of readings in which clients asked for the first card that was drawn to be of the person they’re interested in.

2. Star Lineage Spread (7 cards)

This spread is so much more than a simple Starseed origins answer. It provides a more and not that far “out there” to grasp perspective on events and shaping characters. All galactic characteristics, core principles and stellar civilizations co-exist in all of us like frequencies which by mingling harmoniously structure the musical scale and signature we emit to the world around us. It can be vices or virtues we have over time, it can be predominant energies that are influencing events happening in the now, where effort must be done, and what should not go unnoticed. It is stated by Lyssa Royal Holt that over time (no matter how often the readings may be), you will notice a pattern that keeps emerging if you are working with the cards in a sincere and open way. That holds very true even for the personal Star Lineage Spreads I give to myself from time to time. There are always specific cards coming up while new ones appear in consideration with interpretations of events happening in the present.

3. Karmic Challenges Spread (4 cards)

Karma in its purest form, for a clearer definition, is like an outline in which we shape ourselves experience after experience leaving but absolutely nothing out. Like a garment we enjoy to endow ourselves in because it is in our highest intentions and most natural enjoyment lifetime after lifetime. It’s how we look at the world and express our being and what we are looking for to enrich our existence. Karma can be labeled good or bad.
In a universal spread out sky a bad karma or a good Karma in their essence are merely interpretations on the formulations of shapes that clouds take as they pass by. Karma can be observed also as neutral. Karma in a negative sense can be generally described as the unpleasant manner certain things and situations come around in our life and as an unpleasant manner we seem to have addressing things that are happening, to navigate ourselves through and to cope with. Usually the second case of mannerism we bear brings us to the first. When a challenge is felt as karmic this spread usually cries out profoundly issues that need to be healed and patterns that need to cease repeating. But thoroughly, karmic challenges in their core are valued in so more depth than acceptable and helpful actions, or undesired and repulsive moments. They can be gifts in disguise and impulses indicating the many opportunities that are in the making, just held in a latent position.

4. Higher Guidance Spread (4 cards)

This spread as its name represents is a direct answer from your higher self no matter the question. If you choose to take this Galactic Heritage Cards reading you are simply encouraged to use your intuition and try to connect with your higher self to therefore view at the cards specifically for the answers about the messages you asked for. As open as you choose to be the more revealing will be the outcome. Usually, it brings out a wonderful synchronicity of events and vivid dreams.