Rorschach’s Inkblots Spirit/Power/Totem Animal Acrylic Paintings
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I started making these paintings back in 2015 after meditations. Whether I had or not friends asking me to access their Akashic they started to flow in and naturally incorporate into my way of being everyday. Sometimes I am aware of their Theme, sometimes I am aware of the Animal essence. Right now, I am co-creating with the universe around 4-5 or so paintings each week whether I have people asking me for their custom animal, or Theme mantra which accompanies each painting. 
You can observe them and use them as a means of entering yourself while asking questions or simply trying to relax. They are so much more than just a painting on a wall! There’s so much to see in each of them and everyone finds and points out in them something new.
If you are interested in having one you can contact me and we can figure something out. I can really make them for free, as well as the healing sessions provided. Firstly I share my energy, then I give my time!
Please note that mantras are really really personal so I don’t give them out unless you are really interested to work with the symbolism of the spirit animal.

Spirit animal usually is what a person feels accustomed as a part of their character, a weakness or a strength; power animal is related to a current time period, issue, or event in which they feel transformed and pretty much have to meddle with while improving their lives, and a totem animal of course is a core essence; something which is present as a sensation most of your life.

 I make these paintings just for you. You are your utmost perfect healer.


Don’t separate anything from your physical life, don’t exclude anything from your spiritual presence.
We are spiritual beings in a human experience.