How does a Contact Healing Session happen?

A Contact Healing Session may last from one hour to one hour and a half. You can choose the place you feel more comfortable for the healing session to be provided such as your home or any place you feel at ease with yourself in your heart space. All that is needed of you is to relax, and then some more.

A Contact Healing Session includes Chakra Balancing, Aura Cleansing and Aura Balancing. For example, there are specific techniques for Lung Cleansing and Stomach Cleansing.

Universal White Time Healing Contact Sessions are limited only to the area of Athens, Greece. Please do your search to find a Universal White Time Healer in an area comfortably near you!

What do I have to know upon requesting a Distance Healing?

A Distance Healing Session may take up to 45 minutes and a Distance Healing Session will never last less than 15 minutes.

A Distance Healing Session, besides the advantage towards not having the ability to book an appointment, offers a broader and wider range of healing applications. In a Distance Healing a client doesn’t need to have always a physical pain or ailment in some area in his body to work his issue through. A Distance Healing can be requested for anything that is in alignment for your greater purpose and development in this lifetime upon Earth. Otherwise, it is not oriented towards service to self, but towards service to others. If you don’t feel you have any specific requirements for a Distance Healing, you can ask for the wisdom of the universe and allow in the Distance Healing Session White Time to work where it’s needed mostly.

All that will be needed is your name (not your full name) and the area of the country in which you reside in (not your exact street address) for the intention to be set and the Distance Healing Session to begin. Upon requesting a Distance Healing the session can even be set at a desired date and time, where you may want to feel the energies working with you, in you and through you. Universal White Time Healing Sessions can be tailor-made to suit any client’s requirements either it is a hands-on or a healing at a distance session.                                                                       

How is a Galactic Heritage Cards Reading done?

Galactic Heritage Cards Readings are done via e-mail format. Be sure you include any needed information, your e-mail address and please be noted that A Galactic Heritage Cards Reading may take from 3 up to 5 business days.

There are cases where a Galactic Heritage Cards Reading can be arranged in a one-to-one session, or in a session via Skype. Some clients have had requested a Galactic Heritage Cards Reading after a hands-on or distance healing. It helps them to be more aware and balance in what they’ve experienced.

To find out more about the Galactic Heritage Cards you can visit here.


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